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Pondineer is the most durable affordable water feature component line

Designed and developed  by Touch of Paradise Designs, Inc.

Kits Simplified

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Improve job site efficiency and eliminate material guesswork with our all inclusive pond and vanishing falls kits.

Our simplified installation process lets you build water features quicker, easier, and more cheaply than the competition.

Simple Design 

Fast Installation

We've re-imagined what it takes to install ponds and waterfalls.

No gimmicks, no guesswork, no problems.

Just simple biological and mechanical filtration with durable, easy to install Pondineer American manufactured components.

Pondineer Shows You How:

Watch these videos to see how easy it truly is to install your own pond.

Still have questions? We are here to help every step of the way.

Quick and Easy Biological Filter Install:

Quick and Easy Pond Installation:

Win the war

For water quality

Whether you've got a small pond on your patio or a picturesque lake that covers several acres, our line of affordable, eco-friendly maintenance products will help you get the job done right.

Work with nature
Not against it

A healthy ecosystem is the key to pond water quality.

Our all natural pond and waterfall maintenance products will help you win the war for water quality,

ensuring your water feature is the pristine oasis you envisioned.

Our maintenance products are safe for pets, people, plants, fish, and wildlife.

Our triple threat:



PONDINEER filtration components are precision crafted right here in the USA.

Our industry leading filtration components form the core of our pond and vanishing falls kits, and are also available for purchase separately.

Perfect for your first DIY installation, your next water feature refit or expansion project.

Professional grade

Industry leading

We carefully considered each component's role in the water feature ecosystem, then designed around that intended role.

We focused on core functionality, ease of installation, and durability. We like the result, and we think you will too.

Our Skimmer:

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